West Palm Beach Premises Liability Attorneys

Premises liability lawsuits arise from personal injuries sustained due to a dangerous condition or defect on the premises of another individual or business. Under the law, property or building owners in West Palm Beach have to meet or exceed certain safety codes in order to prevent accidents from occurring on their premises. However, some property owners fail to comply with these safety codes just to save money, thus making their property dangerous to other people.

Uncovered holes, defective staircases, slippery floors, poor lighting, inadequate security, defective elevators and escalators, torn carpeting, broken concrete, uneven flooring, and broken steps are among the hazards that pose serious risks to guests who are unaware of such dangerous conditions. Experts such as engineers, architects, and safety personnel are generally required to thoroughly examine premises to ensure that safety standards are met, but some property owners still violate these safety regulations.

The most common accidents that occur on defective premises are slip, trip and fall accidents, which can result in broken bones, spinal cord injuries, head injuries, wounds, brain injuries, internal injuries, and paralysis. Such injuries require medical care, therapies, and medication.

An experienced West Palm Beach attorney provides quality legal representation to people injured on someone else’s premises, including apartment buildings, residential homes, shopping centers, retail stores, parking lots, office buildings, entertainment and sports facilities, retail stores, bus depots, airports, and public parks.

Property owners have the responsibility to keep people who are on their premises safe from any and all forms of harm by properly maintaining their property. If a defect on the premises causes an injury to any invitee or guest, then the injured individual has the right to make a compensation claim against the responsible party.

However, premises liability claims have far less clarity than they seem to be, and property owners are sometimes given preference in courts. This is because proving liability and negligence in such cases is often complex. There are various factors that need to be considered in any premises liability lawsuit, such as whether the owner or occupant is liable, whether the victim was lawfully on the property during the accident, whether the victim could have avoided the accident, whether the condition was considered dangerous, and whether causation could be established.

Hiring a West Palm Beach Premises Liability Attorney

If you sustained injuries on the property of another individual, business, or a government-owned building in West Palm Beach, it’s vital to your best interests to hire a skilled personal injury attorney who has successfully handled many premises liability claims in the past. Large insurance companies of property owners are known to keep payouts as low as possible. Our lawyers exactly know how to deal with insurance companies, whether in negotiations or in trial.

Our knowledgeable West Palm Beach premises liability attorneys provide legal representation to people injured in any type of accident that occurred on someone else’s property. We work diligently to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve for your injuries. Contact us for a no-obligation consultation.